L.S. Beechwood Tree Care


Services include: Felling dead and dangerous trees, Reduction, Thinning, Crown Raising, Hedge Trimming, Garden Clearing & Fencing. Offer free quotations.

Telephone: 07967 251441 / 07733 134737 / 01753 647727

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Overall rating
Please do not use in any circumstances!
Overall rating
Please do not use! This is the most dishonest company and man you will ever meet. He completed half of the job, yet took all of our money. He won’t return to finish the job or offer a partial refund. He has been ignoring our calls for a week and when we finally got hold of him he told us to do it ourselves! We have given him more than enough time to complete the job and redeem himself. Please save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere. He is unprofessional, dishonest and rude.