We are excited to announce that we are now recruiting for our first WIN (Wellbeing is Natural) Programme starting on 5th June.

This amazing 6 week intensive programme will help you kickstart your lifestyle change with fully integrated practices for fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.

It incorporates 6 weeks of health assessments and yoga/pilates classes, mindfulness and meditation classes for relaxation, nutrition and a healthy cooking workshop, a peer support group and life coaching sessions.

WIN participants will also be given access to the Bagnall Centre’s extensive specialised health and wellbeing reference library.

The WIN package offers the opportunity for anyone who is interested in radically and permanently shaping and improving their health and wellbeing naturally in an inspiring, safe and supportive environment.

 The programme includes:

  • Induction meeting
  • 5 week x 1.5 hr Mindfulness course.
  • 1 x 4hr practical cookery and healthy eating workshop
  • 1 x selected weekly yoga or pilates session from our timetable
  • 2 x Fitness assessment session with Personal Trainer
  • 1 x weekly group training session with the Personal Trainer
  • On going weekly support group.
  • A 1hr session 1:1 with the Life Coach in Week 6

This intensive programme requires a considerable commitment throughout a 6 week period but does offer some flexibility for participants to work it into their calendar.

The start date and the induction is Monday 5th June 7.30.

Mindfulness course starts Wednesday 7th.

Support group meetings are Monday evenings time 19.30 – 20.30.

First PT ASSESSMENT day is Saturday 3rd June or Mon 5th/ Tues 6th evening.

PT group sessions TBC (Mon / Thu evening). Practical cookery/ healthy eating workshop is Saturday 10th June.

1:1 Life Coach sessions available in Week 6 Mon 10th – Sat. 15th July.

Participants will receive feedback during the programme and will takeaway a feedback form regarding their health status which they can make available to their GP.

The Practitioners Involved are:

  • Personal Trainer is Hannah Shaw,
  • Mindfulness practitioner is Julia Seymour,
  • Life Coach is Sheena King,
  • Nutritional Therapist Hilda Solomons (Cookery workshop),
  • Yoga / Pilates options are with Diane Prangnell / Helena Nilsson Ghosh / Luiza Smaglinska/ Barbara Dancer

Valued at £400 this first programme is offered at £250.

To book your place now please email events@bagnallcentre.com