Julia Brammer - Alexander Technique


Julia Brammer teaches one to one lessons in the Alexander Technique in Chesham.

The Alexander Technique helps you to improve your poise, posture and ease of movement in everyday life as well as when doing specific things like playing and instrument, gardening, sport, computer work, driving and even knitting!

People who have had lessons report:

Less muscular and joint pain

Better co-ordination and balance

Reduced symptoms

Improved posture and poise

Enhanced performance in creative arts and sports


Particularly helpful in pregnancy and early motherhood, Alexander Technique lessons can teach a woman how to:

Adapt her posture and protect her back as the baby grows

Find balance, maintain flexibility and ease of movement throughout pregnancy

Learn constructive resting techniques to un-wind tension

Reduce the 'squashed up' feeling, giving her and her baby room to breathe

Look after her back whilst lifting, carrying and feeding her baby once it has arrived!

Also teaching at The Bagnall Centre for Integrated Health: www.bagnallcentre.com

Contact: Julia Brammer

Telephone: 01494 / 07739 836174

Email: via website

Website: www.juliabrammer.co.uk

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