Job hunting? How to stay motivated and positive during your job search

Staying positive, putting your best foot forward and standing out from the crowd –we all know these are the secrets to landing that dream job. However, this can be easier said than done when you are in the depths of job hunting and dealing with the rejections, or worse still, the silence from your job applications.

To help you secure that perfect role, career and confidence coach Fiona Clark from Inspired Mums, shares her top tips on getting through the job search process as positively and confidently as possible:

InspiredMums21. Have a “glass half full” approach

It’s no surprise that optimism is a key trait of the most successful people in life and business. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control ourselves and how we choose to react to situations. Optimists tend to take the learnings from a new experience and move on – rather than dwell on any setbacks. So if your latest interview wasn’t successful, think about what went well, consider any ‘do differentlys’ and then build any learnings into your next interview.

2. Take a reality check

Be realistic. Remember the job market is fiercely competitive and it’s unlikely you’ll walk straight into a role, especially if you are changing careers or returning from a career break. Perhaps you need to change tack – especially true for any mums who are undervaluing themselves and going for roles that they are over-qualified for. Alternatively you may want to consider taking a role that would be a great stepping stone to your dream job.

3. Boost your mood!

Job-hunting can be a long journey with lots of ups and downs so try and manage your mood when it dips. Know what gives you an instant boost and actively build that into your life when job searching is feeling difficult. Perhaps it’s chatting things through with friends, listening to upbeat music or doing some exercise – know what gives you a lift when the going gets tough.

4. Have confidence in yourself

If, at times, you feel your self-confidence start to waiver, use your CV and your life story to remind yourself of your key strengths and skills. Looking back at what you have achieved over the last years will boost your confidence levels and help you sell yourself with impact on paper and at interview.

5. Don’t forget to be creative

I always remind my clients to be creative when they job hunt. It’s estimated that about 70% of vacancies are never advertised so make sure you are thinking broadly about your job search. Think of creative ways to find those flexible roles – for example – are you using all the functionality that LinkedIn provides? Do you connect and communicate effectively with your natural network? Are you attending relevant events to expand your network?

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