Did you know there are four elements to exam success? 

Most 11+ programmes only focus on two of them…and yet, unless all four are up to speed, your child is unlikely to reach their potential in an exam situation. 

If your child has been preparing for their 11+ exam over recent months (or even years) you’ve probably got a pretty good idea as to how they’re faring in the two most commonly taught elements of Knowledge and Skills. (If not, take our free 11+ Readiness quiz and you’ll receive a free downloadable 11+ practice test.)

But did you know there are two other crucial elements that are often missing from 11+ programmes and yet have a huge impact on 11+ success? 

These two missing elements are Mindset and Wellbeing. And you may be surprised to learn that they’re even more important than Skills and Knowledge.

Of course, it makes sense that a good grasp of the relevant skills and knowledge are important for exam success. That’s why so many 11+ programmes focus on exam content and skills practice. 

And yet, whilst it is possible for a child to do well academically by focusing solely on developing their Skills and Knowledge, if their Mindset is one of self-doubt or apathy, they’re unlikely to achieve their potential in the classroom – or on exam day.

And if they don’t nurture their Wellbeing, for instance by getting enough good quality sleep, eating healthily and balancing their workload with time spent doing the things they love, they are likely to become burnt out, stressed and unwell. 

The good news is: taking a balanced approach to academic study is easier than you may think…and it will have a positive impact on all aspects of your child’s life.

Winning formula

At Flying Start Tuition, we understand the importance of all four elements. That’s why we take a holistic approach to education that views each child as a whole being – with interconnected mind, body and spirit – not just a brain to be filled with information. 

We’ve understood this since our inception in 2009 – and we’ve won awards for our unique approach. Over the past thirteen years, our balanced approach has helped thousands of children to achieve their learning goals without sacrificing their wellbeing.

We believe that academic success should not have to be synonymous with burnout and stress.

We’re passionate about spreading this message to the wider education arena…and with the current children’s mental health crisis, this message is now even more important than ever.

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