The Eleven Plus can be stressful for both children and parents. Flying Start Tuition share some hints and tips to make the process as stress free for everyone. To read HOW TO SURVIVE THE ELEVEN PLUS – Part 1, click here.

Once the children return to school in September the exam itself comes round very quickly.  In the week before the exam encourage your child to continue with revision and practice to keep techniques fresh in their minds, but also encourage other interests.  It’s a great time to book up new clubs and activities and a session at a new club may help your child relax and focus on something else for a short time.  Keep up the support, and if you are nervous or stressed about your child sitting the exam yourself try to work on your own anxiety.  Long conversations dwelling on the 11+ at the school gate will only make you feel more nervous!  Try using anchoring as a technique to help your child stay positive and calm on the day – you can find out more about this technique here [ ]

Finally, some last minute tips for the night before and the morning of the exam.

  • No practice! They have worked hard and will need time to relax.  Do something fun together, and keep the mood light.
  • Ensure they have an early night, and build in a wind-down activity like a nice bath or reading a favourite book.
  • Have a decent breakfast – the brain needs food!
  • Drink plenty of water (but not too much!)
  • Send them into school with a positive attitude. Remind them how hard they have worked and reassure them that whatever the outcome you love them and are proud of them.

If your child is well prepared they should feel confident that they can go into the exam and do their best.  To support your child’s preparation, Flying Start offer Eleven Plus Revision and Practice courses over the summer, as well as Mock Experience Test Days, with same day feedback.  Also available are our popular Mocks in A Box – a kit full of practice papers for your child to tackle at home, or on holiday to keep up the momentum.

We wish everyone sitting the Eleven Plus this year the very best of luck.

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