Whether you’re changing career or returning to the workplace after a break, job-hunting can often feel like a full time job in itself.  Without even realising it, you can end up spending hours scouring the Internet for that perfect role.  So how do you make sure your job search doesn’t drain you of your time and energy?  As a career and confidence coach who has helped hundreds of mums find fulfilling and flexible roles, here is my expert advice on how to stay productive and energised on your journey to finding your dream job.

Know exactly what you want

The secret to being successful and productive in your job search is having a clear sense of direction.  Take the time to understand what truly motivates you at work.  Be clear on the particular roles that interest you and identify the ones that play to your strengths.  Don’t forget to look at a range of different industries and/or organisations to see which in particular appeals to you.

Make a plan

Once you have clarified your career goals, you need to break them down into manageable chunks on a week-by-week and day-by-day basis.  This will help you stay focused on the task in hand and give you a sense of satisfaction about what you have accomplished so far.  Even if you haven’t landed a role yet, you will feel as though you are making progress.  Concentrate on what you have achieved each day, rather than on what you haven’t.

Vary the activities

A great way to boost your energy levels is to break up your job search by concentrating on different activities. Phoning recruitment consultants, updating your CV or LinkedIn profile or looking through job adverts will help break up your day and stop you feeling bored or demotivated.

Embark on a creative job search

70% of roles are never advertised, so it’s essential to adopt a broad and creative approach to job hunting. Resist spending hours online using ‘flexible work’ you’re your main search term. Instead, maximise your time by networking in person with your key contacts.  Harness the power of LinkedIn and reconnect with ex-colleagues and friends.  Attending any relevant industry events to network will also increase your chances of finding your perfect role.

Take a break

You can’t spend from 9am until 5pm sitting at your desk job hunting and stay really productive and energised, so give yourself permission to take a break.  Reward yourself by doing something you enjoy, such as taking some exercise or having a coffee with friends.  By setting yourself a target of two productive hours of job hunting, you’ll be amazed how much you can achieve and how good you’ll feel about your progress.

Stay positive

Mindset plays a huge part in helping you land your dream role. By adopting a glass half -full approach to job-hunting you will be able to deal with any rejections at CV or interview stage.  Remember, optimistic people are able to take the learning from the situation and look forward to the next opportunity.

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