How to Motivate your Child to Study in the Holidays

Your child works hard during the school term and by the time they reach the school holidays they are more than ready to rest and relax. However, for children preparing for the Eleven Plus exam, the holiday offers valuable study time. Understandably, your child is unlikely to be thrilled by the prospect of sitting indoors with their books while the sun is shining and their friends are free to enjoy themselves. To motivate them, try some of these simple suggestions.

Balance work with play

Give your children time off from work for the first few days of the shorter holidays, and the first week or two of the summer holidays. If you are planning a family trip away, this period of downtime would be ideal for a break. Once your child has recovered their energy, agree a schedule with them of work and play time. Some children may prefer to get the work out of the way first thing in the morning; others might opt to do something fun in the morning then spend some time in the afternoon studying. Whatever the arrangement, ensure your child is rested, hydrated and has had something to eat before beginning.

Strike a Deal

Whilst you know that studying in the holidays will have its own rewards, your child may need a little more convincing. Promise your child a special reward for sticking to their study schedule and putting in their best effort. Depending on your budget (and your negotiation skills!), this could range from a small treat to a family day out. Make sure your child is clear on what they need to do to earn the reward and avoid any temptation to move the goalposts – add further incentives if you want them to complete more work than originally agreed.

Don’t go overboard

Ensure that your child’s schedule incorporates any school work they have to complete over the holidays and think carefully about how much additional work your child can manage on top of this. Short bursts of concentrated work are usually more effective than longer stretches, especially as your child will be less likely to resent a short intrusion into their free time. For children who find it hard to settle down to work and get less done in the time, it can be a good idea to set ‘amount goals’ rather than ‘time goals’. Choose a piece of work that should take 20-30 minutes and explain to your child that once it is done, they can have some downtime.

Book a Holiday Course

Learning is easy when you are having fun! A holiday course is an enjoyable way to revise, practise and accelerate learning. Small groups allow children to make new friends whilst benefiting from individual tutor attention, and parents can relax knowing that their child’s holiday learning is scheduled and they won’t need to do battle over the revision books!

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