It’s the morning of the 11+, your child is understandably nervous. They don’t know what to expect, what questions could come up? What will the exam look like? For most ten-year-olds, it will be the first real exam they take. The best way to alleviate, or even conquer exam-day nerves altogether, is to feel comfortable, confident and familiar with the exam and the processes involved. Luckily, the three essential ingredients for becoming an exam superhero are currently on special offer at Flying Start Tuition!

Nerve-relieving Mock Test Experiences running through Easter, May and Summer school holidays, Mocks in a Boxkits for extra at-home practice and our game-changing online 11+ Superpowers Course that teaches children tools and techniques for managing nerves, instilling self-confidence and maximising the efficiency of their exam prep.

11+ Mock Experiences 

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Our 11+ Mock Experiences allow pupils to experience realistic test conditions, including strict timing and use of an audio recording to deliver the exam (as will be used in the Bucks 11+). Students learn how to apply their knowledge in an exam setting, sharpening their skills and technique whilst uncovering weaknesses in time to tackle them before the real test. Results are emailed to you in the form of a report showing the breakdown of your child’s scores per question type, together with the average scores for children sitting the same test.

Following the mock experience, our online feedback sessions give children the opportunity to review their test papers in small groups in our virtual classrooms with the support of one of our expert tutors. This tailored, in-depth feedback helps your child to learn from their errors to improve their performance in future tests. 

As a bonus, all students who book a Flying Start mock test will be given a free login to our Online Learning Zone, where they will find a unique suite of tests comprising over 100 additional practice questions. Each mock exam unlocks its own set of tests, so the more mock tests your child takes, the more online questions they will have access to.

Mocks in a Box

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For additional at-home practice, our Mocks in a Box contains everything you need for realistic 11+ exam practice in one handy box! Perfect to take on holiday, the papers in the Mocks in a Box can be completed at your child’s own pace, or using the included timer, allowing gradual introduction of exam skills or regular exam-style practice over the school holidays.

11+ Superpowers Course 

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What if your child could strut into that exam hall feeling empowered, focused and motivated…ready to tackle the Eleven Plus with confidence, knowing they have mastered the secret of 11+ Superpowers. 

We’ve been using game-changing tools and techniques in our lessons for over twelve years and now, for the first time, these are available for anyone to access via a series of five video workshops parents can work through online with their children, in their own time. 

During these workshops, students will learn a series of powerful strategies that will help them to build up their own 11+ Superpowers toolkit. Featuring techniques from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), our 11+ Superpowers course will help students to combat self-doubt, conquer exam nerves and banish negative self-talk. 

The course is delivered over five sessions. Each session comprises a video workshop that sets the context, provides background information and demonstrates the techniques to be covered. In between sessions, students will be set some fun practice and integration tasks to complete. In order to gain maximum benefit from the course, students are encouraged to actively take part in each session and to complete the follow-on tasks.

So there you have it, the three ingredients for abolishing those exam day nerves: real life exam experiences, at-home mock tests and game-changing 11+ Superpowers. You got this!