For parents of children in Year 5, the arrival of the summer holidays is bittersweet. The long break is here at last… But it’s now all that stands between your child and the looming Eleven Plus exam. As fellow parents discuss the packed revision schedules they have prepared for their children, you might wonder how your child will even begin to tackle the seemingly overwhelming task of preparing for the test, whilst still having the time they need to rest and relax. Could there be a way to make 11+ revision effective, stress-free and fun? Yes – book a holiday course!

You may worry that by booking extra lessons for your child in the summer you are depriving them of a break from a school-like environment. Actually, for many children, attending a holiday course is a far more engaging, sociable and enjoyable method of preparation than studying at home. Holiday courses are designed and delivered with the awareness that children are in need of more than days of dull, repetitive revision. A wide variety of activities, from brain teasers to board games, make the material memorable and keep children entertained whilst they learn. Moreover, the opportunity for children to make new friends and spend time with others who are also going through the process of preparing for the 11+ is a great way to reduce stress, build communication skills and make learning fun!  

A further benefit of a holiday course is that it removes the need for you to play Revision Cop, leaving you free to make the most of the time you and your child have together over the holiday. You can relax, knowing that your child has thoroughly covered the necessary material with the support of experts. A good holiday course provider will ensure that they leave you with a clear idea of the next steps your child needs to take to be fully prepared for the exam, giving you the guidance you need to make any additional work at home as targeted and useful as possible. In addition, your child will learn key exam strategies and techniques, advice that can prove invaluable when they are working against the strict time limits imposed by the 11+ test.

The best thing about a holiday course? There is no need for your child to have had any prior tuition in order to attend. Small group teaching allows the pace of learning to be adapted to every child’s needs, whether that means being given additional support to grasp a topic or the opportunity to challenge themselves. Whatever the outcome of the 11+ test, it is the first experience of an exam for many children and it can leave a lasting impression. Many parents who want to make this experience a positive one choose to book holiday courses in order to familiarise their child with the material they will encounter, build their confidence and avoid them encountering any nasty surprises on test day.

There you have it: the way to make 11+ revision fruitful, fun and free of stress. Time to turn in your Revision Cop badge and start looking forward to the holidays!

Need a little help? Flying Start Tuition is an award-winning tuition centre offering classes for children from year one through to GCSEs, including their popular Eleven Plus programmes. They run a variety of holiday courses and workshops and are more than happy to advise on courses that might be suitable for your child. Classes and courses run at their main centre in Chesham and at their five satellite centres in Amersham, Aylesbury, Berkhamsted, Jordans Village and Little Chalfont.

Flying Start are Ofsted registered and accept Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare.  Bursaries are also available – please ask for details.

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