For many parents, the summer holidays may be feeling bittersweet this year. The usual relief of the long break being here at last…overshadowed by the fact that many children have already missed months of school due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Should they use the summer break to catch up? Or should they have some well-deserved fun after months of uncertainty and disruption? 

For children in year five, the summer break is normally all that stands between them and the looming Eleven Plus exam but, this year, the exam has been postponed – buying them a little more time to prepare. If your child is facing the Eleven Plus this autumn, you might be tempted to take full advantage of this extra time by cramming in as much practice as possible over the holidays – but how can you do this without causing stress and risking burnout (for you and your child?!)

Could there be a way to make 11+ revision effective, stress-free and fun? Yes – book a holiday course!

Aren’t holiday courses boring?

You may worry that your child will be bored and will resent being sent on an academic course in the summer holidays. Actually, for many children, attending a holiday course is a far more engaging, sociable and enjoyable method of preparation than studying at home. Flying Start Tuition’s holiday courses are designed and delivered with the awareness that children are in need of more than days of dull, repetitive revision. A wide variety of activities, including practice questions, brain teasers and games, makes the content memorable and keeps children entertained whilst they learn. Moreover, the opportunity for children to make new friends and spend time with others who are also going through the process of preparing for the 11+ is a great way to reduce stress, build communication skills and make learning fun! All with the appropriate government recommendations on social distancing and hygiene measures in place, of course.

A further benefit of a holiday course is that it removes the need for you to play ‘Revision Cop’, leaving you free to make the most of the time you and your child have together over the holiday. You can relax, knowing that your child has thoroughly covered the necessary material with the support of experts. A good holiday course provider will ensure that they leave you with a clear idea of the next steps your child needs to take to be fully prepared for the exam, giving you the guidance you need to make any additional work at home as targeted and useful as possible. In addition, your child will learn key exam strategies and techniques – advice that will prove invaluable when they are working against the strict time limits imposed by the 11+ test.

Prefer to keep your child at home?

That’s completely understandable – and all of these benefits can also be enjoyed by attending one of Flying Start Tuition’s online holiday courses. With interactive virtual classrooms, small class sizes and engaging material, interspersed with regular breaks and movement, the experience is as close to an in-venue course as possible! If your child attends a week-long Revision & Practice course, their resources will be posted out to you so they can work on paper, under the guidance of their teacher, rather than on-screen. 

The best thing about a holiday course? 

There is no need for your child to have had any prior tuition in order to attend courses such as Flying Start Tuition’s online Accelerator Courses and Flash Workshops. Small group teaching allows the pace of learning to be adapted to every child’s needs, whether that means being given additional support to grasp a topic or the opportunity to challenge themselves. Whatever the outcome of the 11+ test, it is the first experience of an exam for many children and it can leave a lasting impression. Many parents who want to make this experience a positive one choose to book holiday courses in order to familiarise their child with the material they will encounter, build their confidence and avoid them encountering any nasty surprises on test day. 

There you have it: the way to make 11+ revision fruitful, fun and free of stress. Time to turn in your Revision Cop badge and start enjoying the holidays!

What 11+ holiday courses are on offer?

For those children wanting some extra help preparing for the 11+ tests, Flying Start Tuition are running 11+ Mock Test Experiences all through the summer break, plus every weekend in October in Little Chalfont and Chesham, with the option to book online mock feedback sessions.

Flying Start are also running online courses in maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning as well as venue-based 11+ Revision & Practice courses at Little Chalfont and Chesham over the summer holidays and October half term. These courses include a series of 11+ Superpowers Workshops®, designed to increase confidence and teach children a range of strategies to help them focus for longer, avoid distractions and combat exam nerves.

For those who prefer a more ‘DIY’ approach, Flying Start’s Mocks in a Box® can be ordered online and delivered to your address.  Consisting of everything you need for realistic 11+ exam practice at home, these are available in sets of ten or twenty papers and have even been hailed by some as the ‘best 11+ papers on the market!’

Don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what some Flying Start pupils and parents have said about our holiday courses and mock tests…

11+ Revision & Practice courses:

“I now understand learning is not about boasting and trying to make sure people know you are clever; it’s about working smarter.”

“I’ve discovered I can do things I didn’t think I could do.”

“Work doesn’t feel like work at Flying Start, it feels like fun.”

“Thank you for showing me a different method for things you gave me a great week.”

Mock Test Experiences:

“I just wanted to thank you for the mock test last weekend which gave our daughter much more confidence. It was a very useful exercise.” 

“My daughter attended the Bellingdon mock test day yesterday and gained so much from it. (She) is not being tutored so this was her first opportunity to complete test papers and experience test conditions. She felt comfortable and appreciated the feedback in the afternoon. She even asked if she could attend on another day!”

“[My child] said the mocks were very similar to the real exams.. Thank you so much for your hard work and patience during the course. I believe [he] really benefited, especially the mock exams during the summer.”      

For further information, contact:

t: 01494 772 898