Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was created in the 70s as a means of changing your neuro processes, language and behaviour patterns in order to achieve life goals. Specifically, when applied to communication skills and personal development, it has often been used to overcome phobias, treat depression, allergies and even the common cold! Techniques from NLP are often used in business, leadership training and even government agencies however, they are not so commonplace in the school environment.

When Sian Goodspeed, founder of Flying Start Tuition, discovered NLP, she couldn’t help wondering how her experience at school would have been different had she known about it back then. After training as an NLP practitioner, Sian was astounded by the potential of NLP for enhancing children’s confidence, independent thinking and academic progress and decided to incorporate NLP tools and techniques into her growing business, teaching children how to learn and teachers how to teach more effectively. 

Using strategies from NLP, the tutors at Flying Start Tuition were able to empower children to take control of their thoughts and emotions in a positive way, thus achieving more positive outcomes. Over the past twelve years NLP has become an important part of each lesson and is a key reason why Flying Start’s students become more confident, happy learners. 

The 11+ exam can be a tumultuous time for families, causing stress, anxiety and low confidence.  Phrases such as ‘I’m stuck’ and ‘I can’t’ begin to dominate the preparation process. You may notice a lot of these obstacles are created inside the mind, and that’s where NLP comes in.

Techniques such as ‘anchoring’, ‘grounding’, ‘the learning state’ and many more, can be used to help children deal with stress and improve concentration. Such tools have been shown to give students more confidence in their ability, which means they are happier to learn and thereby achieve better results.

All children (and their parents) should have access to these powerful techniques, or as we call them, 11+ Superpowers. Being in a confident, positive mindset on the day of the exam is one of the biggest factors that will affect how your child performs. The good news is, for the first time ever, these game-changing techniques are available for anyone to access via our series of five new 11+ Superpowers video workshops.

During these workshops, students will learn a series of powerful strategies that will help them to build up their own 11+ Superpowers toolkit. Featuring techniques from neuro-linguistic programming, Flying Start’s 11+ Superpowers course will help students to combat self-doubt, conquer exam nerves and banish negative self-talk so that they feel focused, motivated and ready to tackle their Eleven Plus with confidence.

Discovering your 11+ Superpowers is a great way to make the most out of your 11+ preparation, especially if you are just starting out. Using the tools and techniques before each revision session or mock test is a fantastic way to perfect your superpowers and achieve an invincible exam day mindset when the time comes! The course can be completed in any time frame, although we recommend only one session per day and with a week or two between them.

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