Unlike half the stuff in the shops for Halloween these lollies are not pumped full of sugar, colours or gelatine, they are simple to make and are easy peasey to munch. Chef Michele Harper from Cookies brings you this yummy recipe.

This recipe will need adult guidance.


120g of milk couverture chocolate (or dark also available). Couverture chocolate has been specially designed for making chocolate shapes and is available in supermarkets or online.

60g of white couverture

Parchment paper

Lolly sticks (or you can use cut down kebab sticks or disposable wooden chopsticks)

1. Put the chocolate in a dry bowl (chocolate does not like to get wet). Which method will you use? Microwaving, put your micro on defrost setting and put the chocolate in for seconds at a time, keep checking to make sure it is not over cooking. Or in a bowl over another bowl containing very hot water. As soon as the chocolate has melted remove from the micro or steaming bowl of water or electric melting pot. Whatever method you have decided to use make sure the chocolate does not overcook – it should be melted but still resemble its original shape.

2. Give the chocolate a gentle stir, however do not over stir as chocolate does not like that – quite a fussy little devil!

3. Using a tablespoon pour some of your chocolate on to the parchment paper, if you hold the spoon over the parchment and without moving the spoon allow the chocolate to fall off – this should create a circular shape.

4. You then place your lollipop stick into the chocolate, make sure it is far enough in and also resembles a lolly.

5. In order to set your lollies, place them in a fridge for a short while – no longer than fifteen minutes.

6. Then you will be able to peel them off the parchment paper.


Some creative ideas for lolly making:

Now it’s up to you guys to experiment a little with your chocolate, if you look at the pictures you will see that my children were able to make ghost shapes by dragging the chocolate along the paper using a skewer and decorating with dark chocolate. You could also use raisins, cherries, rice krispies, etc or even do a Heston and add some popping candy to your chocolate to create popping lollies, whatever you decide to do have fun and that’s an order!