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Walks October 10, 2012 775
Great place to run off energy!
(Updated: February 08, 2013)
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I childmind, so this is a great place to go when I have all the boys in my care! As Mumof3 has said, boots are a must (unless it's been a really dry spell) It is a popular place for dog walkers so if you have a child that is easily scared, then prepare them)
Treasure hunts are popular with the children I look after, a preprinted sheet with things to look out for, it can get quite competetive though! Den building is also a favourite! It's amazing how they can all work together to create a great den and they spend hours doing it and playing in a great, cheap day of entertainment!


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February 08, 2013
I pressed submit too soon!!
I meant to rate it as 4!!
Debbie Webb
February 08, 2013
In reply to an earlier comment

Hi Debbie I just changed it to 4*. Thanks for the review, Sarah
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