Hervines Park (Amersham new town)


Park & playground (slides, swings (baby and child), toddler climbing frame etc) in Amersham new town.

Address: Hervines Park, Hervines Road, Amersham                   


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Overall rating
Great playground / park combo
Overall rating
I really like this playground as it's at the end of a no through road so its safe as you don't get lots of cars racing past. The playground itself isnt that big compared to others but there is enough there to keep them entertained and its suitable for varying ages. There is a climbing frame / slide combo (one for toddlers and one for older kids), swings (children's and baby swings), a wobble deck thing, a semi circle see saw thing and a round about (that's the best way to describe it, it's like a big wheel that spins around :)).Plus there is the massive park so perfect for kicking a ball about or riding bikes. In terms of parking I think that there is no parking between 11 and 12 but apart from that its free, plus there is a free car park close by.
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