What’s Your Superpower?

We’ve all got one. Maybe your fingers are so green you could grow peaches in winter; or you can make pastry so light it floats off the plate; or you’re a ninja at managing the family finances. You might have been told you’re a great listener, or you have a knack for technology. You’ve got at least one superpower – and so has your child (even though he or she may not yet have discovered it!)  

Positive Thinking 

But what if we want to develop super skills in an area where our superpowers seem to be lacking?! Well, that’s where the power of positive thinking comes in! For instance, telling yourself that you’re the sort of person who makes your bed every morning builds your self-image as a tidy, organised person who is on top of their day, which you then live up to. Make these affirmations believable and add in some powerful visualisations and you will be rewarded with success. 

Beware, though: the power of these statements works both ways, so watch out for habitual thoughts like: “I’ve never been any good at maths”; “I can’t pay attention for five minutes”; or “it just goes in one ear and out the other with me”. Maybe we even say things like this in our children’s hearing, not realising that their brains are soaking it all up like moisture on a dry sponge. You’ll feel much better about yourself if you affirm: “I am great at finding solutions and I can concentrate for a long time when I need to.”

Focus on what you can do, believe in yourself and achieve bigger and better things, and you’ll soon be saying hello to success!

Taking Action

There’s a great deal of research to prove that nothing works like taking action, especially if you start small and build up. You could use an affirmation to help you with this. Let’s say you want to learn a new language. Affirm, “I am the sort of person who takes daily action to achieve my ambitions.” Downloading an app and using it for five minutes a day in your coffee break might not make you bilingual in a month, but it could give you the confidence to expand your horizons by joining an evening class and meeting conversation partners.

Resilience is a Superpower

It’s a cliché that success breeds success, but perhaps not so obvious that failure breeds failure. The reasons for this are clear. We live up to our own expectations and we are naturally averse to repeating experiences like disappointment and rejection, so we make excuses to stop trying.

You can bet that if this is true for adults, it’s true for kids too – doubly so when they face a battery of tests in their young lives: the Eleven Plus, GCSEs, driving tests, university applications and more.  In fact, much of your child’s education will focus on results, results, results – and what the experts tell us is that the key survival skills for this type of life stress are resilience and a positive mindset. So how do we help our children to develop unshakeable resilience and the confidence and determination to rise to these challenges? 

Superpowers Toolkit

What would you give for a toolkit of useful techniques at your fingertips to your children through the next few years of their education? How about something practical, based on proven techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and developed by the educational experts at Flying Start Tuition?! 

At Flying Start Tuition, we’ve been successfully supporting children with maths, English and exam preparation for over twelve years. We know that they key to effective learning is being in the right mindset and that’s why we’ve embedded a range of invaluable tools and techniques into our courses to help students approach education with a ‘can do’ attitude. 

Now, for the first time, these techniques will soon be available to all – in the form of a series of new Learning Superpowers® courses. The first course in this series is due to launch in August and it’s designed to help all those children soon to be taking their first ever official exam: The Eleven Plus test.  This NEW 11+ Superpowers course is full of game-changing techniques designed to combat negative self-talk, conquer self-doubt and crush exam nerves. 

Learn Superpowers Together

Ideal for parents and children to do together, the 11+ Superpowers® course will help you and your child to develop skills for life, not just the Eleven Plus. Psychologists tell us that our children pay more attention to what we do and how we behave than what we say. Learning together shows your child that you support their development and the 11+ Superpowers course will give you the perfect platform to share and benefit from integrating the tools and techniques into all areas of your lives.

We’re excited that this opportunity is now available and easily accessible for everyone, and we can’t wait to share it with you. There’s more information on our website, including how to book. So, if you’re ready to grab this 11+ Superpowers® toolkit for yourself and your child, don’t wait to nip into the nearest telephone box to pop on your red cloak – fly over to the Flying Start website now and sign up! 

For more information, visit: https://flyingstarttuition.co.uk/11-superpowers/

Email: hello@flyingstarttuition.co.uk

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