Having an Eleven Plus revision schedule that you have agreed with your child will help you to organise their revision time over the coming months.

Firstly, decide how much time to allocate each week.  Be realistic about your own time commitments.  If you are a DIY 11+ parent, then you will be spending time finding resources as well as working through techniques with your child, plus overseeing and reviewing their work.  If your child is being tutored they will also have 11+homework on top of their school homework.  Allocate chunks of time split across the week for your child’s 11+ practice.  A couple of hours a week should be sufficient and will still allow them time for their schoolwork, clubs and activities plus some downtime.

You will be leading the schedule so don’t make it over-stretching for either yourself or your child. Be flexible – if you think you will miss scheduled 11+ time for some reason then agree with your child when they will make the time up.  As tough as this may seem (and be prepared for some mini tantrums in the next few months!)  it will help to prepare them for scheduling their homework and revising for other tests and examinations once they are in secondary school.

Do you know what your child’s dominant learning style is? Your child may prefer listening to instructions, may like to move or fidget while concentrating, or might prefer written instructions which they can refer back to.  These are all attributes of different learning styles and knowing your child’s favoured style can help your 11+ preparation at home.

Look beyond the 11+ material for various ways to engage with the key skills.  Playing board games, doing crossword puzzles and reading are just a few ways to develop key skills in a non-study environment.  Make a note to include these kinds of activities in your family time, surreptitiously if needs be, so that your child doesn’t suffer from 11+ fatigue.

Whatever your approach to 11+ preparation, make the most of your child’s spare time during the school holidays.  Whilst it is vital that children have time to relax, play and please themselves, the school holidays also provide greater opportunity for chunks of focused practice.  Create an 11+ practice timetable for each holiday or book in some holiday tuition or mock tests for your child.  The February half term is a good time to give your child a boost in weaker areas, levelling their skills across all the 11+ subjects.  Holiday courses and mock tests can get booked up very quickly, so research what is available now to ensure that you  have it booked and in the diary.

Flying Start Tuition offer Booster Courses (modular), Revision and Practice Courses (which cover everything) and Mock Test Experience Days to support your child’s 11+ preparation.  If you book before 10th February, you will be able to take advantage of an Early Bird discount.

For more information about Eleven Plus holiday courses, contact Flying Start Tuition on 01494 772 898, email hello@flyingstarttuition.co.uk or visit  www.flyingstarttuition.co.uk