Cloak and wands at the ready! Experience an afternoon tea with a magical twist. Cutter & Squidge in Soho, London, have unleashed a magical Harry Potter inspired afternoon tea. Our friend Sarah visited last weekend with her family and here, she shares her experience with us:

‘Fans of Harry Potter will love the afternoon tea experience at Soho Bakery Cutter and Squidge – the Potion Room. Although not affiliated or endorsed by Harry Potter or J.K Rowling, it’s clearly inspired by the wizarding world and full of magical touches and attention to detail. We visited on a Saturday afternoon and began our 2.5 hour experience by putting on the provided robes and getting our allocated seats and wands in the Potion Room – located in the basement and decorated with loads of props and atmospheric lighting. The potions mistress that led our experience was good fun and the kids particularly liked mixing up a potion to drink and creating bubbling mixtures in their ‘cauldrons’ – although we did feel that this part of the experience could have been a bit longer. The food for the afternoon tea was very nice too – we were all stuffed, so go hungry! Great fun overall and a unique treat for the kids. You will probably need to book in advance though – I booked in March for a September experience!’

Thanks Sarah, for sharing your experience with us.  I’ve already booked for June next year 😉

Address: 20 Brewer Street, London

Telephone: 020 7734 2540