A Sunday Dinner Special – traditionally this dish would be made with beef and served with boiled potatoes (either new or small-cut and shaped regular ones). For this recipe we are using pork and serving dumplings.

Goulash – serves 4


500g pork loin or pork fillet for a leaner cut of meat (just remember to reduce the cooking time).

1 leek, finely chopped

Olive oil

25 g flour

10 – 25g smoked paprika

1 tin of (Cirio Tuscan) chopped tomatoes that include tomato paste or any very good quality tomatoes. Or use tomato puree 25g.

1 green pepper, 1 red pepper and 1 orange pepper.

500ml water


1. Prep your peppers by cutting them in half and removing the stalks and seeds. Cut into thin strips, put in a bowl and leave to the side.

2. Cut excess fat off the pork and cut the meat into strips 1/2 inch (1 cm) wide and roughly 1 – 2 inches long (2 – 3 cm).

3. Put strips of pork in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.

4. In a large pan add some olive oil, enough to just coat the bottom of the pan.

5. When the oil is hot add the pork to seal the meat.

6. Then add the leek, cover with a lid and allow to sweat for 3 – 4 minutes.

7. Add the flour and paprika, mix with a wooden spoon.

8. Add the chopped tomato and half the water.

9. Allow to simmer on a low heat with the lid on for 50 minutes or until the meat becomes tender.

10. Now prepare your dumplings (see details. below).

11. Keep an eye on your goulash, stir occasionally as it may catch at the bottom of the pan.

12. When the meat is tender add your peppers and dumplings for a further 20 – 25 minutes.

13. This dish can be made a day in advance – ensure you reheat thoroughly before eating.


Apple and Sage Dumplings – Serves 4

You will not get an over powering taste of apple with these dumplings, it is sweet and subtle and lends itself to this dish perfectly.



100g self-raising flour

4 – 6 sprigs of fresh sage, chopped finely

1 apple, coarsely grated

Coconut milk/half fat milk or water to bind

50g vegetable suet


1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl together with a little seasoning add enough water or coconut milk to bind all the ingredients together.

2. Create balls slightly bigger than a golf ball.

3. In a frying pan slightly seal and colour your dumplings until golden brown on each side before adding to your goulash.


Serving suggestion: serve with a dollop of plain yoghurt or half-fat creme fraiche.


Recipe from Michele at Cookies