Got 2 Swim


Pre school swimming lessons (2-4 years) giving the opportunity to learn the basics and get children confident and water safe whist having fun. Also cater for children 4 years and upwards from beginners to stroke correction and pre swim club level.

Contact name: Bruce Snodgrass          

Address: Denham Grove, Tilehouse Lane, Buckinghamshire, Denham, UB9 5DG                   




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Overall rating
Fantastic swimming classes
Overall rating
I recently signed my daughter up for lessons at Got to Swim following recommendations from numerous friends. To begin with my daughter was asked along for a trial so they could assess her ability and choose the right group for her level. My husband usually brings her along for lessons but I took her today as I wanted to see her in action. I am so impressed her teacher is brilliant. Very fun and friendly and she talks through the technique making it very child friendly and easy for them to understand. I also like that the teachers are in the pool with the children correction their positions. Fantastic, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is s very popular swim school so if you’re interested I would recommend enquiring early.
Great Pre-school swimming lessons
Overall rating
I can't recommend this swim school highly enough! My little one has his lessons with Emma and she is fantastic with the kids. We all know how young kids can act up when they don't want to do what they're supposed to, but Emma has a great way of talking to the kids and encouraging them when they are unsure or a bit frightened. The class sizes are really small, only three in my sons class, which means lots of time spent 1 to 1 in the water. It almost seems like a private 1 to 1 lesson at times. My sons confidence has really grown in the water, he can now swim without swim aids, happily put his face in the water (he used to be frightened of even getting splashed in the face) and he can hardly wait until the last 5 minutes of the lesson when they all get a chance to jump into the pool from the side. Emma is a super teacher and I would highly recommend these pre-school classes.
Fantastic swim school
Overall rating
Both my children have swim lessons with Emma at Got 2 Swim, and she's a great teacher. The lessons are taught in small groups, no more than 5 children to one instructor, my sons pre-school class only has 2 children so lots of quality time spent in the water. My daughter's (6) swimming ability has progressed rapidly and can now swim the full length of the pool without swim aids, the school use flippers to perfect swimming technique. All the staff are really friendly and make the lessons fun and enjoyable for the all th children.