We all wish we could have superpowers! The magic of achieving the seemingly impossible is irresistible. Whilst children will struggle to get excited about the powers their parents might wish for (lightning-speed laundry-washing capabilities, anyone?!), they are amazed and inspired by their favourite fictional heroes’ extraordinary abilities. A large part of children’s learning requires them to develop resources and resilience by overcoming obstacles. When your child first meets a new obstacle, it can seem insurmountable. No wonder Ironman’s array of gadgets and Captain America’s incredible strength are so appealing. If your child had these, they would feel unstoppable! Fiendish fractions, villainous verbs and despicable division would be swiftly defeated, unable to withstand your child’s unyielding determination and uncompromising self-belief. 

Your child will therefore be excited to learn that they can wield their own Learning Superpowers! Many comic-book heroes are mere mortals who hone their skills until they become innate super-abilities. When your child is guided to utilise mindset and other key mental resources, they can build a toolkit of Learning Superpowersthat will empower them to tackle intimidating challenges, recover from confidence knocks and remain calm and focussed, even in the midst of a battle of wits with a nefarious piece of homework! Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques can be used by your child in all aspects of their life, helping them to embody the heroic qualities they most admire. Want to know the secret? Read on to discover how NLP can help your child to become a hero with Learning Superpowers!  

The astounding ability to fly high 

Even superheroes encounter challenges they are unable to beat on their first attempt. However, imagine if they took off their capes, huffed, ‘I can’t do this!’ and gave up – the comic-book world would be overrun with monsters and villains! One superpower that all heroes possess is an unshakeable resilience. They understand that after a defeat they must learn from their mistakes, adapt and persevere. It is this mindset that allows them to overcome all obstacles. 

Therefore, a vital Learning Superpowerfor your child is the ability to modify their mindset. Unlike a superhero, who tends to beat their ultimate challenge just in time for a dramatic movie finish, your child will continue encountering obstacles throughout their life. As they get older, these challenges get tougher and the consequences of failure start to seem scarier. By developing and maintaining the right mindset, your child is equipped to deal with whatever the future brings, enabling them to keep reaching new heights. 

The confounding capacity for information absorption

The average person spends their day being bombarded with information. We read, hear and share an incredible amount of information, yet how much do we usefully process? For instance, although studies estimate we spend around 45 to 55% of our daily communication time listening to others, we retain just 25% of the information we receive aurally.

Consider your child, who is required to spend their whole school day gathering and retaining as much information as they can. No wonder they are tired when they get home! And yet, statistically, they will only benefit from a small percentage of the effort they and their teacher have made. 

Learning Superpowersgive your child the ability to make themselves more receptive to information. By heightening their senses, your child is better able to absorb, process and store what they learn. They can concentrate for longer, regain focus from distractions and increase their capacity for memorisation. 

Further, when educators are skilled in NLP techniques, they communicate effectively with their students. Whilst pupils may have different learning styles, for example visual or kinetic, educators using NLP tools understand how to ensure all students benefit from the lesson. Not only do their students gain a deeper understanding of the material, they also discover different ways of explaining and interacting with information that they can use beyond the immediate lesson. They learn how to approach problems from different angles, take responsibility for their own learning and improve their communication with others. Having these Learning Superpowersin their toolkit will assist them throughout their lives. 

Author: Kaitlin Lloyd, Manager of Flying Start Tuition, Berkhamsted

NLP: The Ultimate Superpower!

From modifying mindset to sharpening senses, maximising memory to raising resilience, NLP offers a toolkit of Learning Superpowersfit for a hero! Equipped with NLP techniques, your child will take ownership of their learning inside and outside the classroom, paving their own way to success. Meanwhile, you might like to try out some NLP techniques for yourself next time the laundry pile looms intimidatingly large … Or maybe take Iron Man’s approach and use a missile or two!

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