Super easy make, bake and get creative!


You’ll need:

12 cupcakes/fairycakes (shop bought or make your own)

12 marshmallows

A small amount of buttercream or royal icing

1 packet fondant icing

Coloured writing icing (black or chocolate colours work well)


1. Divide the fondant icing into 12 equal sized balls (approx 35g each for fairy cakes). Knead the icing until it is soft and can be moulded.

2. Take 1 cake, put a small amount of icing on top of the cake and stick a marshmallow to the cake.

3. Roll out a ball of fondant icing to around the size of your palm. Put the icing over the marshmallow and cake, then gently smooth the icing to form a ghost shape.

4. Decorate your ghost using the coloured icing and repeat for the rest of your cakes.