Get Organised with The Complete Girl Friday

Hello! My name is Amy Cronin and I own The Complete Girl Friday which is based in Chesham and surrounding areas. I have a varied background in retail, clerical & PA roles and finally as a Nanny/ PA for the last ten years. We now spend our lives dashing about, with never enough hours in the day. This inspired me to use all the different experience I have to create a Girl Friday business to help people re address the balance in their lives.

TCGF2What I love most about my job is the varying requests I get, every day really is completely different. From going to Victoria to sort passports, posting an unusual parcel abroad, organising a child’s party, planning a dinner menu, sending birthday cards, to popping to the supermarket and arranging tickets for TV shows. I think having a sense of humour definitely helps see me through the day, and of course allows you to engage with people quickly.

I pride myself on my customer service which I learnt many years ago working for John Lewis, and my attention to detail which I gained from my years working for professional couples in their homes.

Some of things I do are:

Meal planning for the month and the weekly food shop. Over the month this takes around 5 hours (location based) costing £87.50 plus the cost of the shopping obviously! This means you don’t have to wait in for the shopping, can come home to a full fridge, with a recipe card on the side, you have no shopping to put away, no children demanding “not shepherds pie again mum!” All you have to do is cook and put it on the table.

Some of the most unusual things I have been asked to do are getting tickets for a TV show (harder than you think!) Go and buy underwear for my clients wife – slightly more personal some would say! Organise a farrier for a horse and source specific products at short notice.

I manage occasion diaries. I have a list of all memorable dates, I buy cards and stamps drop them into the client to write and pick them up the next day and pop them in the post and they never forgets a birthday or anniversary! For this I charge a flat rate of £100 a year including cards and stamps for up to 25 cards a year. If you bare in mind that stamps alone will be £15, cards on average £2 each £50, my charge is £35 across the year. I also write and send christmas cards, organise and wrap christmas presents.

One client I work for, I spend 1.5hrs a week. I arrive she has post that requires sending and a food shop to be done. When she then arrives home from work and the fridge is stocked ready for cooking. This costs £105 a month, and she says she couldn’t survive without it now, after getting off the tube, doing the food shop, unpacking it she wasn’t eating until 9.30 / 10pm at night, and that has gone completely now.

TCGFThe tasks I do over a week vary greatly, which is what makes it interesting. This coming week, I am going to London to organise passports, doing a days de cluttering and charity shop runs, arranging quotes for maintenance on a property, a day waiting in for deliveries and a boiler service and meeting with someone who is due to move house to discuss how I can help – change of address, de-cluttering, waiting in for services in the new house, arranging cleaners, as well as standard weekly shops etc & ebay selling.

All those jobs that you can’t find the time for, I want to make your life easier so please ask, no matter how obscure – as I’m sure that there is a solution to be had.

Whether it be popping to the supermarket, shortlisting your next holiday resort, re-organising your kitchen cupboards, or making sure you never forget your sisters birthday again, The Complete Girl Friday is just what you need! Please see my website or call me on 07734418954.