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If the idea of throwing a dinner party fills you with dread then thanks to Cook Genie Cookery School, here is a menu that fits the bill perfectly and needs minimum time on the evening.
CG breadThe whole meal can be prepared in under 2 ½ hours (yes, even including home made bread, so don’t give up after line 1, it really does wow people).
If you follow the time plan, you can even enjoy most of the day of the dinner party relaxing (or running the kids around) and all but 15 minutes of the evening with your guests.


Dinner Party Menu [link]
This delicious and easy to prepare menu has been specially devised to let you do almost all of the work ahead of your guests arriving. We have provided a time plan to help you get organised and enjoy the evening ahead…

CG starterStarter [link1] [link2] – Quenelles of Smoked Salmon Rillettes served with home made Soda Bread and accompanied by Rocket Salad Dressed with Mustard Crème Fraiche


CG mainMain Course [link1] [link2] – Seared Duck Breasts with a Balsamic Vinegar, Shallot and Rosemary Jus served with Crispy Salt and Cracked Black Pepper New Potatoes and accompanied by fine Green Beans


CG dessert

Dessert [link]- Individual Lemon and Passionfruit Possets served with Cigarettes Russes



Dinner Party Time Plan [link]

The Day Before: Make and Quenelle the Rillettes. 
Prepare the Salad Dressing and refrigerate. Prepare and Trim the Duck Breasts, Marinade the Duck.
 Make the Lemon and Passionfruit Possets.
The Day of the Party: Make the Soda Bread (or make ahead and freeze). Make the Sauce and chill (add marinade when you reheat it). Parboil and toss the Potatoes in the seasoned dressing. Blanch and Refresh the Green Beans. Pop the salad in a bowl in the fridge ready to dress. Bring the salad dressing up to room temperature.

Just Before Guests Sit Down: Cook the Duck and allow to rest whilst you eat the starter. Pop the Potatoes in the oven to roast. Add the Duck marinade to the sauce and reboil. Keep warm. Dress the Salad and plate up the Starter.
After the Starter: Re-heat the Beans in boiling water. 
Pour the resting juices of the Duck into the warm sauce. Plate up.
After the Main Course: Pop the Passionfruit seeds on the top of each Posset. Plate up.
Just give it a try and see…. if you don’t agree or have any questions about the menu just email Cook Genie at

These recipes are nice and compact for you to print them off at home and paste them into your recipe book for next time.