New class launching in Gerrards Cross!

Mother of three, Sarah Barrett is launching a new Lingotastic class in Gerrards Cross in September. Lingotastic is a parent & toddler group to help little ones take their first steps into learning a second language. The classes will launch in Gerrards Cross on 8th September 2014 and classes are already running in Chesham and Chorleywood. Lingotastic’s research based classes use crafts, puppets songs and stories to make language learning child’s play.
LingotasticSarah commented: “I started to introduce my children to languages other than English at an early age and they were soon able to identify the language they were hearing; it was just a fun game for them.

“Children are most receptive to learning a second language from birth to four years old, so the earlier they start the better. Young children have fewer inhibitions and don’t mind speaking. It’s important to harness a love of languages from an early age and Lingotastic does this in a fun and engaging environment.”

Research suggests that immersing children in a bilingual environment before the age of four gives them the best chance of becoming fluent in both languages.*

– Just helping young children “tune in” by hearing other languages significantly helps later language learning.

– Children who learn a second language from an early age are likely to go on to better academic performance.

– To a child, learning any language is fun.

Sarah commented “It’s amazing to watch mummies remembering the language skills they may not have used since school and encouraging other mummies to do the same. By the end of the six week block (in whichever language) mummies and little ones have all picked up new words and a few songs too. I’ve seen that many mummies have increased in confidence with their language skills and went on to use them more with their little ones.”
lingotastic2Here’s what parents have said about Lingotastic:

“After coming to Lingotastic my little girl (18months old) recognised that a song on the radio was in French”

“My daughter particularly likes the part where we blast off to Germany”

“My son has started to say Hola and Adios”

“My son squealed with excitement as we got out the rockets to blast off to Spain”

“The relaxed and friendly classes are pitched at just the right level for my little one and I’m learning lots too”

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* Journal of Neuroscience, from BBC News “Toddler brain scan gives language insight”, by Helen Briggs 9th October 2013