When presented with an opportunity to pen a few words about a special place I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to document the back story to my new yoga studio in Chalfont St Giles called Yin & Yoga.

I’ve been a practitioner and student of yoga for almost 20 years since moving from Amsterdam to Los Angeles where I qualified at the Bikram Yoga College of India in Los Angeles. Like many, my yoga journey started almost by accident following an early career in hospitality in Amsterdam and the States. A friend invited me to a yoga class and reluctantly I accepted. At the time I was a very keen middle and long distance runner. Little did I know that after that first class I would get hooked! I made it my goal to trade in my corporate life for one pursuing what was fast becoming a way of life for me. I started my teaching career in Miami and then moved to Vietnam and Singapore to launch studios there.

In 2006 I moved to London and then made my way into the ‘burbs having settled in the Chalfonts in 2011. I had always hoped to one day have the opportunity to open a studio. As a young mother juggling the many balls we have to, there was always an excuse not to take the plunge. But in late 2016, the stars lined up and after some discussion with my husband, we decided to take the plunge. I had chanced across the advert for what looked a very quaint building in the village but it was a far cry from what I had imagined as a boutique yoga studio. At this point my husband unleashed his inner builder and within 4 weeks transformed a tired office into a serene and welcoming setting for yoga.

But a studio in itself is nothing without the support and enthusiasm of the community it serves. I was always insistent on keeping the studio low key to give the locals the first opportunity to try it despite cries from others to market it more broadly. Well, almost 4 weeks on and I am glad my decision was vindicated!

The studio is fast becoming a melting pot for folks from all walks of life with a shared interest or curiosity in yoga. Each day the studio is buzzing with energy and enthusiasm and I feel very blessed and humbled to have been received so warmly.

I am eternally grateful to everyone that has supported the studio with their kind words and custom and look forward to offering the community an exciting schedule of yoga and things related over the coming months and years ahead!

Website: www.yinandyoga.com

Facebook: Yin & Yoga

Address: The Twist, Saddlers Yard, Up Corner, Chalfont St Giles, HP8 4FG

Telephone: 07557 418228