Natasha lives in Beaconsfield with her husband and two boys William, 3 and Josh, 1. She recently started her own business Baby Sleep Matters, specialising in empowering parents to solve their child’s sleep issues. They also have group classes in weaning and baby massage.

What do you love most about where you live?

That it is so kid-friendly – we have Bekonscot round the corner and the boys are going through a train obsession at the moment, so it’s ideal.

Your favourite place to eat?

China Diner – I love a good Chinese and it’s great to have a good option in our town.

Favourite hang out with friends?

I don’t get to ‘hang-out’ as such, as I am often found chasing either one of my little boys around. However, on a night off I enjoy a good catch up in Treehouse

Favourite local shops?

I like MIRA on the high street, there always a few quirky gift ideas…and of course the good ol’ stalwart Temptation which has been on the high street for years.

Favourite place to visit locally?

We love Black Country Park – I find walking through the forest almost magical and I enjoy telling my boys fairy-tales about the surrounding woods!

Hidden gem?

Bumps and Babies held at The Beechhouse on a Tuesday @ 10.30am. It’s free and great for women who are about to have their life changed in more ways than one!

What would your perfect weekend involve?

Some quality time with my family – and most importantly seeing my boys having a giggle. It would involve Chinese food of some description and then socialising with good friends in the evening. I think it is important to balance my time with kids/husband/friends.

How do you relax?

Watching crap TV (I admit to watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians) eating something bad for you and I LOVE a good massage.

One thing on our bucket list?

Travel around India with my husband when my children are older (…so 16 years and counting…!)


Company name: Baby Sleep Matters


Facebook: babysleepmatters