Helen Rayner – Brand Photographer

Where did the journey start?

Bribing my children with lollipops was where this all started – now it’s cold hard cash if I want to photograph them – even more money if I want them to smile! However they now see the benefits  on Instagram if they have few cracking photos so they appease me, but only on their terms! Other families wanted photos of their children too when they were little and then it escalated from there.

How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been photographing families, schools and businesses in and around Chalfont St Peter for 10 years, I needed a seriously good idea to earn some money so I didn’t have to get a proper job! I needed to fit something around four children who have ideas and minds of their own!

Why are you now expanding your business?

With businesses now coming out of lockdown, I can help them to thrive in the market place and stand out from their competition. To help then have a secure knowledge of their brand identity as they push their business forward.

I see you business owners with a to do list as long as your arm! Trying to stay visible, trying to get ahead of your competitors, trying  to work around your family and children and make this successful for them – this is exactly how I can help you, by taking the pressure off in this area and freeing you up to be the best at what you do.

Running my own business has given me a passion for others doing the same. And having spoken to them I have realised how I my services can help them feel so much more confident and able to take on anything!

Imagine having a bank of beautiful professional on brand images that you can pull from every day for your social media and marketing needs? A huge variety of images that you love, that perfectly represent you, your brand and your business, easily attracting your new clients and making you stand out from the crowd.

The benefits are enormous to entrepreneurs! So I am on a mission to help them create powerful and awe inspiring brand awareness. Introducing themselves as their best product.

It is time to tell their story!

My typical week

My week is punctuated by school runs, and rowing runs to Marlow six days a week. Because my family life is busy I have to be focused and organised with my work and have a ‘no faffing’ mindset – it is the only way I get things done! I speak to clients about their businesses, meet with them to work out their photography needs, and fit in the shoots on weekdays as much as possible to free up my weekends. I am then editing and running  photography courses for teens and adults in between this. 

What do you love most about where you live?

The countryside one way and London the other – I often need my fix of photographing London architecture! It keeps my eyes happy!

Things you have discovered in Lockdown

Coffee in St Giles!

It’s become a bit of a pilgrimage to go to the Deli in St Giles, the sausage rolls have been a great lure to get the children out on a dog walk and they do a cracking decaf coffee too!

Fegos Crepes!

We recently discovered the joys of Fego in Gerrards Cross for crepes and lunch.  That is worth a bike ride and was a real hit in half term for the children.


I have actually had the headspace to get in to books again. The Girl on the Train has kept me going for 10 hours of dog walks  – sheer escapism and utterly brilliant!

A love of running!

I set myself a challenge of doing a 10k in Lockdown and have achieved this!  I built up slowly and have learnt a lot about myself and my body along the way. Dorney Lake has been a great place to do this as it’s safe and flat and not muddy. Whisky, my dog runs it with me and we keep each other fit!

My Personality type!

We did a personality  questionnaire as a family to help us embrace and celebrate our differences while we spend so much time together – such an interesting and affirming thing to do!


For your chance to win a brand photography shoot with Helen Rayner go to https://www.helenraynerphotography.com/brochure/ where you can submit the short questionnaire.

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/helenrayner_brandphotography/

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