We caught up with Flick from Pick Colours to find out more about her colour consultancy business and to discuss current and future colour trends as well as top tips for introducing more colour into the home.  A consultation takes all the stress and hazard out of choosing colour palettes. I loved this interview and Flick is on speed dial for when I plan our next renovation 🙂 Over to Flick….

What is a colour consultancy ?

 If you have walls in your home peppered with numerous squares of colour – you need a home colour consultancy!

Imagine not having to experiment with sample pots and live with the mistakes of colours that didn’t quite match your expectations. Add to that, the impetus to do something more interesting than update the safe colours you have lived with for years, and a one-hour session can rejuvenate your home.

Colour works in complex ways and can dramatically change the mood of a space. I am sure we have all painted a room, stood back and thought ‘Oh no! That simply doesn’t work’ – maybe it has left the space feeling cold and soulless, or made the proportions of a room feel small and cramped. With my years of experience, I can assess the space, light, furnishings, mood, and purpose of a room and put together a scheme that enhances the space and reflects the owner’s personality.

A consultation takes all the stress and hazard out of choosing colour palettes and typically lasts an hour. I will usually cover four rooms within that time and the cost is £120 per hour.  After the appointment, clients will receive a specification sheet including recommended finishes.

How did you get started in your career as a colour consultant?

My background is in design and interiors, but colour has always been my passion. I started working for Farrow & Ball when they launched their new colour consultancy service some 10 years ago and was one of only three consultants for the UK. Over these years my skill set grew as well as my reputation, and I eventually decided to go it alone – Now I can offer colours from other brands and extend my colour palettes.

Can you talk us through what a typical working day is like for you?

I may have calls to make for new bookings and will start to get an insight into my client and their home over the phone. I assess their needs and decide when will be the right time for a consultation. Most visits are in-home, so I jump into my little Fiat Abarth and off I whizz for my day’s bookings. I don’t like to book too many in a day, as I like to remain fresh for each appointment.

It is important that I read my client correctly, enabling me to match their taste and the vision they have for their home during the visit. The process is therefore very relaxed and informal, and we generally have a great deal of fun during the appointment, picking the colour palettes, and getting excited about the possibilities for their new look home. Many of my client’s state “it was the most enjoyable hour spent”.

The final part of my day is back home popping the specification sheets together and emailing them out ready for my client to purchase their lovely new schemes or pass on to their decorators.

What are the current colour trends?

2021 was very much a story of Calm – we had a lot of earth-based neutrals, terracotta’s, and greens – this mainly came about from our universal experiences around covid and how we all reconnected to nature – colour is so important in enhancing our emotional state. Sunny Yellows also featured as a way of lifting our spirits, soft pinks and jewel tones sat alongside.

Which colours do you expect to be on trend next year?

We will probably see a continuation of the earth bases but with Burnt yellows and oranges, Sea glass greens, sage, lilac based fuchsia and earthy pinks – all with clean clear intense blues, bronze reds, or grounding browns

What’s your interior style?

My style is eclectic. I love rich deep colours and quirky touches.

I love layering textures and patterns and introducing the unexpected. I also like to ring the changes seasonally – introducing plums and deep greens in soft furnishings, faux furs and scatter rugs. But then in summer – freshening schemes with lighter and fresher tones of pale greens and yellows. A home shouldn’t be static – I think of my garden and how it changes over the year, I like to translate this into my home. Nature is often all the inspiration we need.

What has been your career highlight to date?

I have many proud moments in my career with Farrow & Ball, I was more often than not the top performing colour consultant in the UK and had a reputation at the Beaconsfield showroom where I was based, as the go to girl!

But the best thing for me about my job is the joy from my clients when they decorate and tell me how much they love their new schemes. Colour is such a powerful element, and it really can transform a home.

What is your favourite colour to use in your home, and why?

I particularly love greens. Green can have so many variations from sage to jewel emerald. It’s a calming colour and sits well with many other accent colours – green and pink, green and orange, green and black. It almost works as a neutral and just a touch in say a grey can take that grey to a warmer hue and away from a battleship!

What are your top three tips for introducing more colour into the home?

Obviously the first is book a colour consultancy! You must make the hue and weight of colour work with your light – get that wrong and a room will never feel right.

Sample correctly – a million squares dotted around won’t let you see the colours. Colour is always influenced by what sits around it and how you perceive the contrast with that. So, try and only see your new colour with elements that are staying. I.e., sofas, carpets etc.

Be brave – colour always seems scary but often when a colour is all over it feels less bold than when you see a small swatch.

Which part of the Chilterns do you live?

I live in a wonderful little village called Winchmore Hill in Amersham. I have fabulous walks across the nearby fields and woodlands, lovely local pubs for meeting neighbours and friends and a great community spirit!

What is your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

I love a traditional Sunday lunch – so whilst that is cooking away, I will pop out for a walk or spot of gardening to build an appetite to fit a roast with ALL the trimmings in! Afterward moving can be tricky! – so a good movie or a novel on my kindle.

My other love is art, so if I have the time and haven’t had too many Yorkshire puds! I will shut myself away in my summerhouse and paint with my oils.

What do you love most about where you live?

My garden and the surrounding countryside. I love nature and wildlife – the kites and other mammals and of course all the colour inspiration from the changing seasons, mean each walk or day spent in the garden, brings something new and exciting.

Favourite Buckinghamshire haunt?

I do like fine food and as a treat like nothing better than an evening spent working my way through a taster menu at The Artichoke in Old Amersham. I love Laurie’s ethos of local and fresh and the plates of food are a feast and inspiration in colour combinations to the eye as well as the stomach.

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