Festive Face Painting

When the weather’s a bit too wet or cold to be outdoors, we’re always racking our brains for ideas to keep the children entertained. Why not try some face or body painting? Here’s Debbie from Tiger Face Painting‘s step-by-step guides for Santa and Olaf from Frozen.

IMG 1939A good place to start is your kit, and buying from a reputable company such as www.facepaint-uk.com is important as it ensures that all purchases comply with cosmetic regulations. A pack of 3 brushes (Da Vinci sizes 2, 4 and 6) are a good investment as these will be your workhorses. Grimas white cake makeup is great for bases and for line work choose Diamond FX white and Paradise black.

IMG 1936Popular designs are butterflies, flowers, tigers and spiderman so look at the many tutorials on youtube and practice on willing volunteers. For smaller designs, search online for cheek art. Keep the simplest of designs for the youngest (and most fidgety!) of children.

IMG 1938Change sponges and water between each child (using a large bottle of water and a bucket underneath the table). Use a little spray bottle to spray paints/sponges instead of dipping sponges into a pot of water, as this can make the sponge too wet. When painting flowers, load white first then load another colour onto the tip of the brush – this allows you to paint multi-coloured petals in an instant.

IMG 1945Paints are not recommended for under 3’s due to sensitivity/allergy issues but if the children have been painted before and parents give permission, a little design on their hand or arm may be preferable (and they get to look at it all the time too!). Don’t paint children with visible signs of infection.

IMG 1940A flannel with soap and warm water is the best way to remove paints.

IMG 1942Since there is so much else to organise at a children’s party, the easiest and less stressful option is to hire a reputable face painter that has insurance (documents can be viewed upon request) and a website showing their work and testimonials. 

I hope the above tips will help you – happy face painting ☺

For more information, contact Debbie at Tiger Face Painting – deb@tigerface.co.uk or 07956 859562 or www.tigerface.co.uk