At Big Brown Dog Therapy we love getting out and about with our Curly Coated Retriever puppy Harriette, to explore the Bucks countryside.  We wanted to share with you some of our favourite walks.

The first walk that we would like to share with you is along the valley between Old Amersham and Little Missenden.  It is the epitome of the perfect Sunday morning explore across beautiful countryside.  You can start at either end but probably the parking is easier in Old Amersham. You head out beside the Swan pub, along the footpath and then across the fields towards Shardloes Cricket ground.  Once you have passed the grounds you can then pick the footpath up, keeping an eye on where you are going and ensuring that you are parallel to the A413.  It probably takes about 1 ½ – 2hrs to walk each way and the bonus of course is that there are many lovely country pubs to choose from at either end of the route, perfect to stop for a delicious Sunday lunch by the fire or simply enjoy a picnic and light refreshments.


The second walk is a little further into the Bucks countryside down in South Heath.  Once you head through the village and as if you are going to head to Ballinger you can then take a right until you hit “Herberts Hole”.  Whilst there are no refreshment stops en-route, a picnic will definitely be in order the view from the hills are stunning!  You can start by walking all of the way along the valley and then bear up to the right (or left) and loop back round.  Depending upon how fast you walk it would probably take you between 3-4hrs. A perfect way to enjoy a fresh, crisp jaunt in the winter sunshine.


At Big Brown Dog Therapy, we specialise in canine massage therapy which is a natural treatment to help reduce stress and physical discomfort in dogs.  Ideal for dogs of all ages and breeds, canine massage can help to treat muscle pain which is often underestimated and might otherwise be difficult to diagnose.  Beside pain relief the benefits of canine massage also include improved movement, increased joint flexibility, enhanced condition of the skin and coat plus faster recovery from injury.

We are passionate about dogs and our goal is to keep your dog healthy and pain free – including when you are out walking with your dog. There are a couple of tips I would like to share with you to think about whilst you walk your dog and exploring the beautiful Bucks countryside:

  • Throwing a ball: If your dog is crazy about balls, have a think about the following: keep the number of times you throw the ball to a minimum, no more than five times in a row. Repetitive strain injury due to excessive ball throwing can damage the joints, tendons and muscles in their front legs. Don’t throw the ball up in the air – we don’t want our dogs to land awkwardly on their hind legs, which could lead to injury, especially damage to the cruciate ligament! Instead, try to throw the ball along the ground, and perhaps ask your dog to wait before running after it. This way, your dog won’t be stopping suddenly and turning sharply. You could also throw the ball into long grass, which then means your dog has to work hard to then find the ball – your dog will find this brain exercise extremely rewarding.
  • Treat search. Don’t forget to take some dog sweeties with you on your walk. You can use them to play a scatter treat search. A treat search is a fantastic mental exercise for your dog – they will be using their most powerful sense, the sense of smell. Additionally, moving about with their nose to the ground will help to exercise and stretch your dog’s neck and back – a great work out for those core muscles.
  • Take plenty of rest breaks. Ensure you give your dog a chance to catch their breath every half hour or so, especially if you are enjoying a long walk.

Jacqueline Newholm set up Big Brown Dog Therapy in September 2016, she is a member of the International Association of Animal Therapies and is also required to acknowledge and respect the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 by only working with dogs by veterinary approval.  Jacqueline also offers a series of packages and workshops to help spread the word about the benefits of canine massage.

Our next workshop is running on 3rd March, Knowl Hill near Maidenhead.

If you have any questions regarding our packages, workshops, the benefits of canine massage or wish to discover more please email: or visit

We look forward to speaking with you soon!