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Explore Learning has centres across the UK and offers Maths and English tuition for 5-14 year olds of all abilities. Children attend up to twice a week for individualised tuition sessions. Locations across the country.


Address: Explore Learning, Sainsbury’s, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield, HP9 1QH

Telephone: 01494 677 488

Email: beaconsfield@explorelearning.co.uk 


High Wycombe

Address: Explore Learning, Sainsbury’s, High Wycombe, HP11 2DN

Telephone: 01494 411 147 

Email: wycombe@explorelearning.co.uk


Website: www.explorelearning.co.uk

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Overall rating
Explore Learning in Beaconsfield - our experience!
Overall rating
My daughter attended Explore in Beaconsfield for 2 terms. When she started with them her confidence was low, especially in Maths. She'd had a particularly tough year in Year 3. She attended Explore twice a week for two terms. She loved it. By the time she left, her confidence was high, her ability with Maths was more solid and she worked in a faster and more methodical way. Her teacher also commented on the improvement in with her English work at school - which again, can only be attributed to her experience at Explore.

The staff (Laura, Annabel and Lucy and all the tutors) were patient, welcoming and always made her feel special. We didn't come across any tutor who didn't meet expectations. I would highly recommend this programme to any kids who just need a confidence boost and regular practice - with help on hand if they need it.