One of our good friends recently tried out some Forest Segway fun, find out how they got on here:
My husband and I recently tried a Segway experience with Go Ape at Black Park. It was fantastic fun and a great way to see loads of the park.
After a comprehensive safety briefing we spent 5 minutes practising in their training ground, before heading out into the park itself. I was glad of this as it was nice to get comfortable with the speed and steering before being out on the public trails. It was really easy to pick up though and as long as you stick to the rules it is a lot of fun and felt very safe.
Our guide took us on a 50 minute tour of the park, stopping a couple of times to point out where famous films have been shot and to let us take photos.
Children must be at least 10, but crucially also at least 7 stone (98 lbs) in order to ride a Segway. We will definitely bring our kids when they are big enough. It costs £35 per person for an hour session.
Top tips: If the air temperature is cold, make sure you wear gloves, a scarf and something to cover your ears. You’ll be wearing a helmet so would need to use a hood or headband rather than a hat. The wind really gets up when you’re buzzing along on the Segway! Be prepared for your jeans and footwear to get very dusty so don’t wear anything too special! If you can, try to go on a weekday when it is much quieter in the park. This makes for fewer cyclist and dog walkers to have to avoid!