Everyman Gerrards Cross


Everyman Cinemas is an independent network of boutique cinemas. With a passion for quality, from service of food and drink to seating and films, every cinema also has a unique bar or foyer space. 

Address: Ethorpe Crescent, Gerrards Cross

Telephone: 0871 906 9060

Website: http://www.everymancinema.com/venues/gerrards-cross/whats-on/

Facebook: Everyman Gerrards Cross

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Overall rating
We love Everyman
Overall rating
Quite simply put, I love this place! We went here on Friday to see the Revenant (the new Leonardo film) and it was a brilliant evening. It is more pricey that you typical cinema, but then again the experience simply cant compare to your average Odeon/ Vue cinema. There is a bar at the cinema for starters :) They serve a variety of alcoholic, non alcoholic and hot drinks and i love the idea of having food & drinks brought to your seat by waiter service at a time of your choice. I found the 2 seater sofas very comfy with plenty of legroom so if someone needs to pass you dont need to get up. Obviously a little more expensive than your average cinema (we paid £28.50 for the 2 of us) but in my eyes truly worth it for an adult night out. Because of the price this will be an adult only place :) My only minor criticism is that I found the cinema to be quite cold but this could just be me :)
Cinema experience at it's best!
Overall rating
Taking 3 children aged 3, 5 and 7 to the cinema is never usually a highlight of my life, but the experience just a whole lot better with the arrival of the Everyman cinema in Gerrards Cross. What a great cinema! Lovely decor, calm and an altogether more adult experience with a very nice, though quite small bar area, though I imagine it will be very busy and full in the evenings. The staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly who even came to check if the temperature of the auditorium was ok. With the double sofas, plenty of leg room and a decent sized table next to you it is certainly more comfortable than your usual cinema. Though it is definitely not the cheapest cinema, with it costing 1/3 more than a larger multiplex would have. Great with it being so local and a lovely experience but I think I might just reserve it for a more grown up cinema outing.