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31aug01sepMedieval Warbow


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Come and see the Free Company Aquitaine demonstrating the art and skill of the medieval warbow. Watch demonstrations of archery, see and learn about the arming of the knight and talk to the blacksmith/armourer, bowyer, spinster and surgeon about the medieval way of life.

From the Welsh wars of Edward I to the Battle of Agincourt, the longbow has been pivotal to the military prowess of England’s medieval armies, but how much do you really know about the bow and the men who used it with such deadly proficiency? Have you ever wondered at what age they were given their first bow; how they trained, how they fought or what they were paid? Perhaps you fancy testing your strength at drawing the bowstring to your ear, or wish to see how far they could shoot a bodkin-tipped arrow? Well now you can and more, The Free Company of Aquitaine are coming to Chiltern Open Air Museum on Saturday 31st August – Sunday 1st September 2019!

Within their 14th century camp you can meet the members of The Free Company as they go about their business as a band of mercenaries, operating in the south of France during the Hundred Year’s War. You’ll be able to chat to the archers as they prepare for battle and watch their Great Warbows in action as they shoot volleys of arrows into maille and plate armour targets on Skippings Field. Learn about the armour of the knight as his squire dresses him for combat and discover the tools of the barber surgeon as she readies her table for the injuries that always follow battle. Behind the scenes there is plenty of activity as the bowyer crafts bows out of staves of yew, the smith forges arrowheads and the womenfolk spin wool for their clothing while watching the next meal bubble away on the open fire. It promises to be a great day out in history!

Please note that all activities are subject to change and weather.

Standard admission prices apply. Free entry for Annual Pass holders.


August 31 (Saturday) 10:00 am - September 1 (Sunday) 5:00 pm


Chiltern Open Air Museum

78 Church Road

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