The days are growing milder, brighter and, most importantly, longer! With the Easter holiday fast approaching, your thoughts may be turning to how to keep the kids (and yourself) entertained for the fortnight. To inspire you, we have put together a list of our favourite local days out that offer educational value as well as plenty of fun!

Envelope yourself in Frogmore Paper Mill

From the perspective of our digital age, it may be hard to imagine that paper was ever considered as revolutionary as the internet. However, the creation of a lightweight, easily produced and durable medium for recording and communicating information wrought spectacular social changes. At the Frogmore Paper Mill in Apsley, you can learn much more about the history of paper and the fascinating role the mill has played in its development, as well as discover how paper is made by hand and machine. You can even make your own sheet of paper to take home with you!

Visual demonstrations, hands-on kinetic learning and an auditory tour will appeal to all types of learner, aiding knowledge retention and stimulating the brain’s development of visual, spatial, analytical and linguistic skills.

Explore the flora and fauna of Penn Wood

Penn Wood is one of the largest ancient woodlands in the Chilterns and its diverse environment is home to a variety of unusual plants and animals. At least ten plants found in Penn Wood are rarely seen in Buckinghamshire, and, depending on your tolerance for creepy crawlies, you may be lucky or unlucky enough to spot a number of invertebrates that are scarce elsewhere in the UK. If mini-beast hunting does not appeal, you can marvel at 200 year old trees, carpets of bluebells, red kites and cuckoos. Make sure to say hello to the herd of cows that maintains the site’s wood pasture, a traditional approach to land management that offers an interesting glimpse into Penn Wood’s long history.

Studies have shown that time spent in nature can improve short term memory, concentration and focus, whist also relieving stress and restoring mental energy.

Get Creative at Bojangles Creative Café

Catering for all abilities and ages, Bojangles Creative Café in Amersham encourages visitors to unleash their creativity through pottery painting. A colourful environment offers inspiration, relaxation and fun, as well as delicious refreshments to keep budding artists sustained.

Art boosts children’s confidence, resilience and resourcefulness, and learning a new skill together is the ideal opportunity to teach your child how to embrace challenges, work collaboratively and think creatively.

Best wishes for a refreshing Easter holiday from the Flying Start Tuition team!

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