Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate – what’s not to love about Easter! To celebrate our love of chocolate Easter we’ve been scouring the internet to find the coolest Easter gifts (please take note that they are not all chocolaty, we’re being calorie conscious ☺)

Personalised Easter Hunt Bags

We love these gorgeous personalized Easter Hunt Bags by Rocket & Bear. Also check out their personalised party bags, but at £6 a pop you’d only want a few guests at the party ☺

Easter FF 1small 

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Easter Chocolate Pizzas

Chocolate pizza’s decorated with handmade chocolate bunnies and candy covered mini eggs. What more could you ask for?!

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Personalised Chocolate Bar

Looking for a personalised Easter chocolate bar? There are loads of options at The Chocolate Library (and it’s not just for Easter time they also do personalised chocolate bars for teacher’s, Father’s Day, Anniversary’s, Pregnancy… the list is endless!).

Easter FF 3small

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Easter Bunny Girl’s Dress

A handmade cotton corduroy dress with a cute rabbit applique face and claw paw pockets. They have loads of gorgeous designs – we want them all for our girls!

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Psychedelic Egg

At £30, it’s not cheap but it looks pretty cool. It’s hand decorated with over one hundred brightly coloured chocolate beans.

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Pair of Easter Eggs – Hand Carved Rubber Stamps

If you’re looking for an alternative gift to chocolate, check out these cute Easter stamps. All the fun of chocolate eggs but fewer calories!

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