On Saturday Evie (my youngest) & her friend Amy (between them) donated 21 inches of their hair to The Little Princess Trust, a wonderful organisation which provides wigs to boys and girls in the UK and Ireland who have lost their hair due to cancer or other illnesses. 

We booked the big chop with Amy who owns Dunton James in Chalfont St Giles. Amy was amazing and really looked looked after the girls.

The girls were able to cut each others hair off, under the watchful eye of Amy and then Amy worked her magic cutting and styling the girls hair whilst they chomped on chocolates and drank some bubbles 😜

Dunton James are renowned for their involvement with the Princess Trust (& various other charities) and we can highly recommend Amy if you’re considering donating your hair.

Address: The Billett, High Street, Chalfont St Giles.

Telephone: 01494 872373

Facebook: www.facebook.com/duntonjames