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Childminders January 17, 2013 1207
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I have known Debbie for around 7 years and in that time she has looked after my daughter since the age of 3 and my son since he was almost 9 months old (now 2). They both love going to Debbie's house, sometimes it's a struggle getting my son to leave as he is happy playing or drawing. I am happy leaving them with Debbie knowing they are safe and well cared for. At the end of the day Debbie will always take time to update me on their day and any developments she has noticed. Debbie taught my son to use baby sign language which he still uses now and is great for their individual development. She ensures they have a healthy and varied diet and days out are great fun as they all have a picnic. Days out are a great adventure and Debbie always has something great organised for them to do in the holidays. There is plenty to do or play with whatever age of children Debbie has in her care.
Debbie is a loving and caring person with boundless energy. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Debbie to anyone, we feel very lucky to have her to care for our children.