Our lovely friend, Katharine has shared another recipe with us 🙂

This heart-warming soup is super easy to make and is great for using up veg at the bottom of the fridge. Use whatever combination of parsnips and carrots you have, or any other root vegetables you want to use up. If you want, you can use a food processor, hand food chopper or Thermomix to get your vegetables very finely diced. This will speed up the cooking time if you’re in a hurry. The Thai green curry paste adds warmth and a little kick of flavour. Adjust the amount of curry paste to suit!

Serves 3-4 (easily halved/doubled)


150g parsnips, peeled and very finely diced

200g carrots, peeled and very finely diced

60g onion, peeled and very finely diced

½ tbsp Thai green curry paste (or more/less depending on how spicy you like it)

50g butter or olive oil

550 ml chicken or vegetable stock (use fresh stock, 2 stock cubes or 1 cube and 1 stock pot – it’s important to get lots of flavour here!)

Pinch of sea salt

Few grinds of black pepper

  1. Sautee the vegetables gently with the curry paste and butter/oil until soft and translucent (approximately 5-10 minutes). Do not allow to brown or the taste will be bitter.
  2. Add in the stock and seasoning and allow to simmer for at least 15-20 minutes until the vegetables are fully cooked and have taken on the richness of the stock.
  3. Blend thoroughly until very smooth and creamy in texture. Adjust seasoning as required. Serve as is, or with a swirl of cream.