Very simple to make and great for kids parties.

What you need:

Whole Cucumber

Cherry tomatoes




Cocktail sticks


Slice a small amount off the bottom of the long side of a whole cucumber so that it lies flat on a plate. Cut out a triangle at one end of the cucumber to make the crocodile’s mouth. Cut a piece out of tomato for the tongue. On the top side of the cucumber you need to make two incisions parallel to each other (about 3/4 the length of the cucumber) and cut in towards each other so that you cut out a triangle shape. You then use this upside down as the spine. Use a quarter of another cucumber or pieces of tomato/ pepper to cut out feet for the crocodile and attach these with toothpicks to the whole crocodile. For eyes you can use pieces of tomato or pepper aswell. Use pieces of cheese, sausages, cherry tomatos, grapes, pineapple to your liking to decorate the crocodile by spearing them on to cocktails sticks.