Creative Heroes Club is a printable challenge that encourages children to problem solve and use their imaginations to the max. These challenge packs make wonderful creative prompts for the whole family, simply print out, gather some craft supplies together and invite your family to come and create.  Once the challenge is completed wear you hero badge with pride, present your invention and receive applause from your family, then claim your inventors certificate.

A twist on our Creative Heroes Club events, these challenge packs have been designed to help relieve the pressure of ‘at home learning’ and help families bond together while having fun!   Families can download a challenge, enjoy the Oglee Pip adventure story, gather together some materials from the recycling bin and then set to work trying to save Oglee Pip from a tricky situation.  Sticking to the Oglee Poglee ethos of no right or wrong creativity, children of all ages can decide how they want to help save the day.

Oglee Poglee always focuses on fun and family time but there is also a learning element to these challenges.  For children currently struggling to focus on ‘schoolwork’, these challenges will help you change the pace and let them take control. Creativity helps children to understand their world and develop as individuals.  They won’t even know they’re learning at the same time – strengthening skills like problem solving, creativity, mathematical thinking and communication.