Rustic Banger Pie
My kids love this pie. Everything can be prepped beforehand and then put together just before cooking. For the adult version I use lots of spicy sausages – a great hearty supper to share with good friends. Click here for the Rustic Banger Pie recipe.

Rustic sausage pie


Toffee Apple Cookies
These chunky little devils are yummy with a cup of warm frothy milk or a nice cup of tea for us big kids. If you don’t like toffee (it sticks to my teeth!) you can always miss it out of the recipe and just add the apple with a little cinnamon – delicious! Click here for the Toffee Apple Cookies recipe.

Toffee apple cookies


Homemade Chocolate ‘Horror Lollies’
Unlike half the stuff in the shops for Halloween these lollies are not pumped full of sugar, colours or gelatine, they are simple to make and are easy peasey to munch.
The bestest ever chocolate to use is couverture which can be found in supermarkets or online. This chocolate has been especially designed for making chocolate shapes. I would also advise that you invest in a little melting pot, they are quite cheap to buy and also available online and are far safer for children than melting (and possibly burning) chocolate in the microwave or over boiling water which could result in a child getting burnt. If you get into it and are feeling a little bit more adventurous check out They are great for lolly sticks and moulds, and if you are thinking Christmas presents (or is it too early?) they have a great selection of gift boxes etc. so your little cherubs or you can hand make gifts this year. Click here for the Homemade Chocolate Horror Lollies recipe.

choc lollies


For more information on how to temper chocolate please have a look at my website Or if you have any queries on any of my recipes please contact me via email. I am very happy to offer any advice that I can