chickmangoChar-grilled Chicken Wraps with Mango Salsa

While your husband incinerates the chicken on the barbeque, why not let your children join in by helping you make some salsa and least then you will have something to take away the bitterness of blackened chicken while smiling widely, baring gritted teeth and saying thank you husband for cooking today!
Serves 4
2 ripe mangoes
A few sprigs of mint
A small handful of coriander
1 lime
Char-grilled chicken breasts x 4 (preferably not burnt ☺)
Seeded or plain wraps x 8
Optional extras:
1-2 teaspoons of sweet chilli sauce (depending on how spicy you like it) or sweet and tasty pomegranate seeds (half a pom should do it)
chickmango5Knife tips for big kids and children (serious stuff)
• When using knives always insure you use a sharp knife.
• Use the appropriate knife for the job in hand.
• Know where your fingers are in relation to the knife at all times.
• Work on a tidy chopping board – not on a slippery surface.
• If your chopping board is moving place a flat damp tea towel or clean dish cloth under the board to prevent the board from moving.
• Make sure your hands are dry and not wet.
• If you are a child please ask permission from an adult first before using or handling knives, if you are unused to handling knives please insure that you have adult supervision while chopping.

chickmango4How to make the salsa:
1. Slice mangos down either side of the stone.
2. Take each half and score a crisscross pattern (little squares) through the flesh stopping at the skin.
3. Turn the skin inside out (like a pair of socks!) so that the mango pieces pop out (magic!).
4. Then trim the flesh off from around the stone, watch your fingers this can be a very sticky and slippery job.
5. Put the mango in a pretty bowl then carefully slice off the fleshy squares away from the skin of the mango.
6. Squeeze the lime over the mango.
7. Add to your bowl of lovely yummy sweetness the chopped mint and coriander leaves.
8. If you like spice that’s great – add some sweet chilli or just chilli sauce. If you are not keen don’t add it. Try some pomegranate seeds – it will taste delicious.

Now slice up that cooked chicken (not burnt I hope and properly cooked – not pink in the middle). Place some slices on a wrap with some salsa (you could also add a few lettuce leaves) wrap it up and take one enormous mouthful…it’s making me feel
hungry writing this…Enjoy!


Michele Harper is a qualified chef and patissiere who has worked in busy restaurant kitchens, schools and nurseries. Having three children of her own has provided her with plenty of first hand experience entertaining children in the kitchen and developing in children an interest in food and healthy eating while having fun.

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