Christmas is creeping closer and the festive shopping period is in full swing! Buying Christmas gifts for your child can be quite the balancing act. On the one hand, you want to get them something that they will appreciate and enjoy. On the other, it would be ideal if the gift had some degree of educational value. Surprisingly, there are many presents beneficial to intellectual development that your child would love to receive! Here is our buyer’s guide to fun and brain-building gifts to buy this Christmas.

What to Look For in a Present

The ideal present will spark your child’s imagination in such a way that they will want to explore all it has to offer, even if they find it challenging to do so. Helping your child to develop the motivation to learn and discover independently is invaluable – it is a resource that they will be able to draw on throughout their school lives and into adulthood.

Choosing a gift that can be the basis of a project will inspire a sense of purpose in your child that encourages them to engage their problem-solving skills, use their creativity and persevere through challenges, contributing to the development of a growth mindset. Children with a growth mindset typically engage with topics and activities more meaningfully than those who worry about ‘not being good enough’, helping them to overcome setbacks more readily and persist with difficult tasks.

Think about your child’s interests, including any ideas they may have about what they would like to do when they are older. A present that fuels their passions is more likely to keep them engaged and motivated.

Present Ideas

Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

  • Minecraft: Minecraft has many educational benefits. A particularly valuable one is its development of spatial reasoning skills – useful for the non-verbal reasoning component of the Eleven Plus exam!
  • Digital Microscope: A digital microscope is an affordable way to inspire a fascination with the world. There is endless fun to be had discovering what natural and artificial materials look like under the microscope, and the creation of a log-book of discoveries can be a rewarding project.
  • Chemistry set: Showing children how dynamic science is and making it accessible can encourage children to engage with the subject more deeply at school. Particularly for girls, encouraging them to view themselves as a scientist could increase their confidence when making academic and career choices later in life.
  • 3D Printing Pen: For children who enjoy designing, art or engineering-type toys (such as Lego) a 3D printing pen can open up new realms of creativity and ingenuity. Researching landmarks or monuments and attempting to recreate them using the pen can be a fun challenge!

Happy Christmas shopping!

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