BeeMusic brings live music to babies and their parents and carers without the need to sit still and be quiet. Latvian flutist Renate Sokolovska and BeeMusic founder pianist Elena Vorotko will take you on a journey through ‘Winter Wonderland’ with music by Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Debussy, Bach and Chopin. You can enjoy an engaging musical journey while changing, feeding, playing, dancing or resting with your child.


At every concert you and your child will hear a range of music from 1600s through to 20th century. Short introductions will encourage you and your kids to take part in the musical story. Prepare to march, dance, clap, float or just relax to the unfolding narrative. Although the informal atmosphere will lead you to doing what is more comfortable for you. Throughout the year you will hear performances on the piano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet and others. Your children will be able to get close to the instruments and see and hear how they work and sound! We will start and finish each 40 minute concert with the buzzing flight of the little bumble bees and enjoy singing a few nursery rhymes towards the end.


We weren’t completely sure how this was going to go – two active (and noisy) toddlers at a classical music event, but as soon as the pianist started they were entranced. The performances were excellent and it was great to be able to enjoy the music among a group where no-one minded the kids wandering around, dancing and babbling and, most importantly, really enjoying themselves. Although it was a formal presentation of the music, with the story of each piece described before it was played, it was done in a very relaxed setting with the babies/children dancing along, a fun introduction to classical music.
While Beemusic is about performance (rather than children playing the music) at certain points they were given small percussion instruments to play and ribbons to wave. And the most musical version of ‘the wheels on the bus’ we’d ever heard was certainly a highlight!

With only about 25 children there it was amazing to hear these beautiful pieces of music played in such a small setting. A wonderful experience and one that we would certainly repeat. This would suit all pre-schoolers from newborn upwards.

When: Performances take place the first Monday of each month during term time at 10.00 am.
Upcoming dates: 2nd March & 11th May
Where: St Michael’s Church Hall, Beaconsfield, HP9 2BN
Cost: Tickets £10 per adult, kids go free! Please visit or buy on the door.