Chalfont St Giles village playground


A small playground next to the duck pond in Chalfont St Giles. Ideal for babies and toddlers. Equipments includes baby & child swings and a small climbing frame and slide.

Address: The High Street, Chalfont St Giles

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Overall rating
Lovely in the summer as there is a stream nearby
Overall rating
I agree with Mumof3 that this playground is suited to younger children, however older ones would probably enjoy it, but maybe for a shorter period of time. It's great in the summer though as there is a stream by the playground and so perfect for the kids to have a play in the water plus it's a nice spot for a picnic. So if it's warm, its definitely worth going, as the kids love playing in the stream. We just need some nice warm weather :)
Nice little playground for little ones
Overall rating
Definitely better for little ones. There are 2 baby swings and two swings for older children and a very small climbing frame with a slide. Perfect for children under 3. You could also feed the ducks as it's right next to the duck pond (the Pet Shop in CSG sells duck food for 50p)