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Playgrounds & Parks February 05, 2013 1123
Great, cheap day out!
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I'm an ofsted registered childminder and looking for cheaper days out can sometimes be difficult, but Cassiobury Park is a fantastic day out! I get there for about 9.30 (any later and during the summer, the car park fills up really quickly!) and spend most of the day there. There is an enclosed area with the 3 paddling pools that is one of the cleanest I have seen. There are seats all the way round (but no shady areas) and they are patrolled by life guards. On the outskirts of the pools, you'll also find the toilets, a first aid kiosk and somewhere to buy a tea/coffee/cold drink/sandwich/hotdog. There is also an extensive play area that was recently ungraded. During the summer, there's a bouncy castle (can't tell you the cost as I don't use it), ice cream vans and the little train ride (last year it was £1 per person I think) so for me, if I've packed my picnic and got plenty of drinks the only added expense is the train ride and an ice cream...a grand total of between £15 to £20 for me and 4-6 children! Which isn't bad for a whole day's entertainment!
It is also just as good in the cooler months as there is a lovely avenue for the bike riders, walks by the river or just playing football in the field!