Check out this delicious and easy to make Caribbean Banana Cake, a great recipe to get the kids involved and it’s a great healthy snack. This is seriously yummy and contains lots of good stuff, such as bananas and wholemeal flour, for slow releasing carbs (not recommended before bedtime :)). If your little darlings are allergic or are not keen on sultanas/walnuts the recipe will work perfectly fine without them. With thanks to Michele Harper who set up Cookies, offering cookery classes for kids that want to have fun with their food! 

50g of wholemeal organic flour
50g plain white flour
1 tsp baking powder
50g butter
70g soft brown sugar
1 medium egg
1 banana
small handful of sultanas /40g chopped walnuts
1 tsp mixed spice
1 tablespoon of single cream


• Pre-heat the oven to 180° (fan-assisted)
• Weigh out the butter and the sugar and put them in a bowl.
• Cream together with a wooden spoon until white and fluffy.
• Crack the egg into a separate bowl. Using a whisk beat the egg.
• Gradually add the egg to the butter and sugar whisking the mixture all the time.
• Mash up the banana with a fork, add the cream and banana to the mixture. Mix it in well.
• Then add the walnuts, sultanas and mixed spice
• Fold in the flour and baking powder. Spoon the mixture into paper fairy cake cases – there should be enough for 6 fairy cakes or 3 mini-loaves.
• Cook in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. When done allow to cool and enjoy!

Michele also runs parties where children can make their own party food and edible gifts. For more information see or call 07912 371539cookieslogo