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Bumps & Beyond January 15, 2013 1380
Highly recommended!
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I started Pregnancy Pilates with Alice at around 16 weeks pregnant and loved my first series of classes so much that I signed up to attend both of her classes each week, and managed to attend both up until 41 weeks pregnant! Unlike my first pregnancy, I found it really beneficial to gently maintain muscle strength and mobility, particularly of my core and pelvis area, which Alice's classes greatly helped with. I'm sure this is the reason my post-birth recovery was quicker than with my first baby. Alice is hugely knowledgeable in Pilates techniques and exercises, and also regarding labour and birth, and has a friendly and relaxed teaching style. I particularly enjoyed the tea and chat time at the end of each class which gave me a chance to make friends with other mums-to-be. I had a busy second pregnancy with little time to focus on me and my baby, but I'm really thankful I joined Alice's classes as it gave me a precious couple of hours each week to relax and connect with my baby - I'll treasure these memories always!
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